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Tokel Platform

About Tokel Platform

Tokel is a dedicated token and non-fungible token (NFT) platform.

What is Tokel?

Tokel is an open-source, dedicated, token & non-fungible token (NFT) platform. The Tokel platform provides end-to-end token solutions to creators, businesses and projects alike. Utilizing and developing on existing Komodo technologies, Tokel offers an array of layer 1 blockchain features, including UTXO based, on-chain token creation, management and decentralized trading functions (tokenDEX & NFT marketplace). The Tokel all-in-one superlite application aims to showcase all of these features using Komodo nSPV technology and will include a coin wallet, token wallet, token explorer, tokenDEX, NFT marketplace, and a simple to use token creation tool.


The Tokel Platform aims to be the best decentralized token platform on offer. The Tokel Platform will build a solid foundation, using existing Komodo Technologies, for token projects to launch and succeed from. This will be done through the creation of end-to-end token solutions for fixed supply and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This includes everything from the blockchain architecture, the information, assistance and open-sourced applications for projects and businesses looking to capitalize on token economics or token applications. Projects will be able to use streamlined token creation processes, have token explorer and wallet integrations, immediately trade on the decentralized exchange and utilize the NFT marketplace.


Tokel ($TKL) is the currency at the center of the Tokel ecosystem.


What Tokel offers:
  • An independent Tokel blockchain that facilitates all of the layer 1 token features.
  • An open-sourced all-in-one GUI decentralized application.
  • A tokenDEX for all tokens on Tokel.
  • An NFT marketplace for NFTs on Tokel.
  • A free-to-use token test blockchain.
  • Easy to use integrations
  • Easy to use token creation, usage and management tools.
  • Immediate token explorer integration.
  • Immediate token wallet integration.
The benefits of creating a token on the Tokel blockchain:
  • There are no requirements to create and manage your own blockchain.
  • Free, simple to use GUI for token usage, management and creation.
  • Extremely cheap token creation and transaction fees (1 satoshi of TKL per token created and 0.0001 TKL txfee by default).
  • Free to use TKLTEST chain for any token or custom consensus testing prior to launch or integration.
  • Your token will have immediate token wallet integration.
  • Your token will have immediate token explorer integration.
  • Your token is safe from 51% attacks as Tokel is secured through dPoW.
  • You will have the ability to sell your tokens immediately after creation with Tokel’s inbuilt tokenDEX and NFT marketplace integration.
  • Tokel exchange partnerships mean your token will have a centralized exchange listing option. The exchanges are only required to run the Tokel chain to access every single token on it.

The all-in-one Tokel application is an open-sourced application that will be the one stop shop for all Tokel related features. This application is built using nSPV superlite wallet technology that has been developed by the Komodo platform, for an incredibly fast and reliable experience. This application accesses all of the features offered on the Tokel blockchain whilst keeping users funds in their own wallets (completely non-custodial).

This application is in development. You can keep up with progress on the github, or find out more by having a chat in our discord. https://github.com/TokelPlatform/tokel_dapp

Decentralized application features include:
  • A TKL coin wallet
  • A multi-token wallet (you are able to hold all tokens that are in existence on the Tokel blockchain)
  • A tokenDEX trading platform
  • A decentralized NFT marketplace
  • A simple to use Token creation tool
  • A token explorer for all tokens on the Tokel blockchain
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Blockchain algorithm and Chain Specifics

Proof of Work (Equihash) - secured by Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW).

For more reading on dPoW, see:

Tokel ($TKL) coin specifics

Please refer to the Tokel Paper for more in-depth information about the TKL coin.

Chain parameters:
./komodod -ac_name=TOKEL -ac_supply=100000000 -ac_eras=2 -ac_cbmaturity=1 -ac_reward=100000000,4250000000 -ac_end=80640,0 -ac_decay=0,77700000 -ac_halving=0,525600 -ac_cc=555 -ac_ccenable=236,245,246,247 -ac_adaptivepow=6 -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= &

Guide on how to launch the chain

Coin Emission Schedule
  • Initial supply: 100 million
  • Maximum (fully mined/issued) supply: ~200.25 million
  • Block time: ~60 seconds
  • Starting Block Reward (Era 1): 1 TKL (80640 blocks or ~8 weeks)
  • Block reward after 80640 blocks: 42.5 TKL
  • Block reward reduction time period: Every 525600 blocks following Era 1 (roughly every year)
  • Reduction amount: 23%
  • Tokel will have under half of the total coin supply premined at inception. 60% of these TKL will be allocated to the community in various ways, and 40% will be allocated to the team.
  • Initial adopters allocation: 20 million TKL
  • Early adopters allocation: 20 million TKL
  • Trading incentives/liquidity allocation: 10 million TKL
  • Incubation/development/bounty allocation: 10 million TKL
  • Team allocation: 40 million TKL
  • Total: 100 million TKL
Mining Pools

We do not run or endorse any specific mining pools, merely provide options for miners to conduct their own due diligence and make their own decision to use.