Build your dApp idea on secure, efficient and scalable platform

Software development toolkits from Komodo Platform, Tokel Platform, and Verus Coin provides everything a developer needs to get started with. Using them you get a boosted start on your dApp project idea, which is both efficient on network and system resources, as well as highly secure, scalable and offers to provide broadest support of cryptocurrencies as decentralized inter-operable exchange mediums through AtomicDEX. You can make a totally independent & whitelisted solution using SDK tool kits offered by our ecosystem projects.


In Crypto, the competition is not each other, it is fiat. If any Crypto does well, we all benefit. –jl777


James Lee (jl77)

The Founder, Komodo Platform

Who we are?

On 24 November, 2021 several Komodo Platform community members started a discussion thread with an interest to start a community with the intent of doing community driven marketing for Komodo and it’s ecosystem projects. Because the Komodo Platform ecosystem is stronger together. Out of these discussions came into existence, Komodian. The name was mentioned in the Komodo Platform Discord chat group numerous times referring to all Komodo Ecosystem users (citizens) as Komodians.

The first identified task was to make a release of the AtomicDEX-Desktop application without any Geo-Blocking or any other restrictions added to the application on some assets and cryptocurrencies tradablity within AtomicDEX application.

Our mission

The Komodian community’s mission is to get a place where every ecosystem project communities get a chance to be heard and spread their message far and wide. Help make a connection between incoming talent and projects looking for help. Make it possible to let communities make content and resources in any and all possible mediums which are made available as guiding light for newcomers who want to understand and utilize blockchain technology to build their ideas and use them in new innovative ways in production.

And helping such new talent and innovators make the process as smooth as possible to get onboard using our ecosystem technologies.


Invitation to all Komodo Platform Ecosystem communities

This community-led effort is still in the planning phase and we invite the whole Komodo Platform ecosystem to be part of this effort, to help raise awareness of the small yet rich Komodo Platform ecosytem. We have great independent projects evolving in the ecosystem with a few notable projects like Verus, Pirate Chain, Marmara Credit Loops, Tokel Platform, Chips and many more.